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Bunions and Winter Shoes

Cold weather is here.

As a podiatrist with 36 years of experience, I have noted many of the problems experienced by those with bunions is when cold weather hits. Since I also co-own a store with numerous foot products, orthotics/inserts, and shoes we have found some helpful hints for those experiencing this pain.

As soon as we start putting on those closed shoes, bunions become a problem. It helps to look for soft leather or cloth which will stretch to accommodate that bump. Be certain the bump is not getting red and irritated, this can be a sign that the shoes are too tight. It is certainly possible to have shoes stretched in one spot by a cobbler. This could make them much more comfortable.

Another option is the felt bunion shield. It is very soft and if positioned just right over the protruded area, the pressure from the shoes is then on the felt and not the bunion. It can hive a great deal of comfort in shoes that rub. The device loops around the great toe. It stays in place once you put a sock or hose on over it.

Try it and avoid the rub.

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