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Theraband Foot Relief

It's me again, the podiatrist at Treat Your Feet. I am recommending a product which is great as part of a program to get relief from heel pain.

First there is a roller which can and should be frozen. The roller should be used in the morning and evening for about fifteen minutes. Roll under the arch and the heel of the foot. This will aid in decreasing inflammation as well as stretching the plantar fascia.

Next is a resistance band. Place the resistance band under the forefoot, not the toes, and pull. Your foot should flex with the toes pointing toward your nose. Put enough tension on the band to feel the stretch, but not enough to cause pain. I recommend three times per day for best results. Hold each stretch for a slow count of ten and repeat this for a total of 30 stretches each time.

The Theraband Foot Relief also comes with a roll on cream to help ease pain.

In combination with proper foot support throughout the day, you should notice improvement in those aching heels.

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