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Visco-Gel Toe Crutches

Hi all, It’s me, the podiatrist writing to tell you how amazingly useful these silicone toe crutches can be. They come in three sizes, two for the smaller toes and one for the large toe.The toe crutch has a silicone loop which is placed around the toe and holds the device in place. They then have a thicker side which is placed wherever the problem area is found. This product is great for many problems.                                         

They can be used for painful corns on the ends of toes.  In this case, the thick end is placed under the toe to prevent the end from touching the ground. It can also be useful for toes that curl under and keep the toe in a straighter position. Corns or irritations between the toes are another great use.  In this case, the thick side is placed between the toes to prevent them from rubbing together.  Or, the thicker side can be placed on the outside of the fifth toe to prevent shoe irritation.  

 The Visco-Gel Toe Crutch takes up a small amount of space in the shoe. Generally, I have had no problem with getting them to fit inside shoes. I turn to them often for toe problems.  They can offer a lot of comfort and are extremely useful. If you try them, you will be hooked.

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